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Predixa is a Growth-Strategy Advisory Company 

We help companies achieve greater value & growth using our advanced AI-based diagnostics & data-driven analysis, generating more effective results rapidly for business leaders.

Paula Newby, CEO, Predixa

Is your company prepared for strong growth in this challenging economic climate?

At Predixa, we advise companies on how to grow and thrive through these challenging times - which as you know - have driven inflation rates to their highest level in decades.

Growth in 2023 and beyond will be challenged by numerous internal and external factors.
A focus on maximising returns from core products & services, attracting and retaining talent, workforce management, developing an inclusive culture and adding innovation into the mix will all be key.

To discuss how Predixa can help you achieve the strong growth you need during these challenging times, please book a complimentary 20-minute consultation using the button below.

Advanced  Diagnostics


We use advanced AI-based diagnostics combined with our decades of advisory experience, to help leaders make the right prioritised business decisions, enabling real results to be achieved quickly and effectively. 

Data-Driven Leadership

data-driven leadership.png

Today's effective leaders don't rely on leadership qualities alone, they depend on making decisions based on a multitude of data points across their business.

Accuracy & Speed


We overcome the issue of traditional advisory methods, bringing depth and breadth of analysis with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Deep & Wide Data 

Deep & Wide Matrix CTX.png

For our clients to achieve sustainable and profitable growth requires an understanding of deep and wide data and analysis from multiple touch-points that intersect the organisation such as business functions and core activities.

Multiple Viewpoints

CTX Dashboardjpg.jpg

We  take multiple viewpoints to perform our analysis, such as key risk, impact to key metrics, geography and more to maximise the interpretation of the data and identification of improvements required.

Predixa's Strategic Sustainable Growth Services


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Giving a Presentation

We examine your existing business status and resilience in the current economic climate and make recommendations that ensure your focus is on key prioritised areas that are aligned to your business objectives and address your challenges.  

Business Resilience


If your revenues have fallen during the past 6 months, you are not alone in this current climate! The fact is that there are a multitude of factors that impact revenues.  With our advanced AI-based diagnostics, we will examine all correlated data to provide you with a way forward.

Increase Revenues


Post-Covid, we are all well aware that the workplace will not be the same again.  We look at a number of factors affecting your workforce management including physical office, health & wellbeing, talent management, future readiness and social responsibility.

Workforce Management

Business People

If you are in the process of a merger or acquisition, wouldn't you want to know more than just the hard metrics associated with the other party?  We give you the insight you need to make a more informed decision before it is too late to discover potential issues.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Workshop 3.jpg

We are leaders in advisory on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I).  We have a well-developed process to analyse all the key elements of DE&I across your organisation to enable you to have the insights into where you can gain social and financial value.

DE&I Strategic Review


With the "Great Resignation" continuing to affect many organisations, the war on talent remains.  We analyse key factors impacting talent acquisition as well as talent retention from across your organisation to help pave a way forward.

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Business Team

Even with the best strategy in the world, without the foundations of a solid culture, companies will crumble.  We examine in depth the current state of your culture, highlighting the positives and identifying the issue to give you a practical execution plan.

Culture Review

Emarati Pic.jpeg

Our Nationalisation solution, intended primarily for GCC nations, analyses a number of factors including inclusiveness, training & development, demographic balance and an external reputation measurement, along with a  Nationalisation index score. 


Gender Equality.jpg

If you are looking for a strategic direction on Gender Equality (GE), we will provide a comprehensive review of your status, including your inclusive culture, policies and procedures and much more. 

Gender Equality

Contact us on the button below to find out more about any of our services listed or to book a consultation

Predixa Services
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