Predictive Business Analysis

Driven by AI

Using our AI cloud-based software - Predixa Dynamix - we help Executive teams rapidly analyse and drive continuous incremental innovation within their organisations,

to maintain competitive advantage.


Even before the pandemic, the rate of change and external pressures on business leaders has required a more agile and continuous approach to innovation.


Using this 'digital advisor', Executive teams can identify and manage incremental innovation across their organisation to stay ahead of the competition. 

Revolutionising Business Analysis

Predixa Dynamix revolutionises the way companies evaluate their position in the market by continually analysing their business from a range of functions that include, company, leadership, culture, risk, business unit effectiveness and much more. 


The end result is the identification of improvement requirements that keep the organization competitive and proactive in adapting to change.

AI Predictive Intelligence

We use the power of AI to analyse data within your organisation to accurately predict likely outcomes. 

Our research and development teams are continually refining our Dynamix software and AI engine giving our clients quality data and confidence to make the right business decisions. 

Predixa is supported by AI Venture Labs, a Microsoft-backed initiative with Dubai Future Foundation, and a member of the Microsoft for Startups Programme


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