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PREDIXA | Area 2071 | Emirates Towers | Dubai, UAE

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PREDIXA delivers superior insights to companies and consultancies through the deployment of our Org-Dynamix platform. Our solution combines decades of experience with powerful, AI-driven insights to deliver outstanding results for clients over the long term.


AI-based insights that provide transparency of key business issues in your organization

Who We Are

PREDIXA helps business leaders to make better business decisions by rapidly analysing their organisation to pinpoint and predict issues that may prevent their business from moving forward and remaining agile and competitive. 


We achieve this using our AI-based Org-Dynamix, a suite of business application software, which is far more effective than any other conventional method of organisational analysis to reveal the key issues from within.


Org-Dynamix revolutionises the way companies evaluate their position in the market by continually analysing their business from a range of functions that include, company, leadership, culture, risk, business unit effectiveness and much more.  The end result is focussed targeting of transformations that keep the company competitive and proactive in adapting to change.

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