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Predixa Dynamix is a powerful cloud-based business diagnostic application for Consultants. 

Using the power of AI, Predixa Dynamix replicates the interview process, thereby predicting and analysing the areas of focus for improvement in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Create value using an AI-driven digital approach

Business is changing at an ever-increasing rate and organisations need to understand rapidly where to prioritise, to remain competitive through incremental continuous improvement.  

Predixa Dynamix is one of the best business diagnostic software applications available for Consultants during the initial analysis stage of client engagement. Using the power of Ai, it provides a 360-degree holistic view of an organisation,  harnessing the internal wealth of knowledge and professional experience from ALL departments, including softer aspects such as culture, leadership, communication and much more, to deliver a detailed predictive analysis of where to prioritize focus for improvement.


Predixa Dynamix provides consultants with a clear point of differentiation to help win business, but at the same time offering significant value to the client with a digital approach in predicting issues rapidly, accurately and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches.

Step 1


Scope out the key challenges with your client

Step 2

Select Module

Determine which Predixa module is best suited to the client's need 

Step 3


Predictive Ai-driven professional input from client's staff 

Step 4


Forensically analyse predicted  recommendations

Step 5


Collectively agree the key remedial actions

Amanda Line

Partner PwC Academy

Who would benefit from Predixa Dynamix? Any company that cares about its people and organisation 

and wants to be the best they can be. 

Laila Clarke


General Manager

The Studio

Predixa Dynamix is clear to understand. It is really helpful to have the key recommendations section and visually see the areas that need attention

Anna Yates


Founder & Head Hypnotherapist

Predixa Dynamix is insightful and inspiring, and if we can only achieve half of what was discussed, it will be a huge boost to the health and success of 

Mind Solutions

Dan Asher



Working with Predixa Dynamix has been extremely helpful, highlighting the areas of the business in which we need to focus. We have seen real benefits in both hard metrics – such as sales…and the softer areas, such as company culture.


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