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Paula Newby


As CEO of Predixa, Paula Newby brings over 25 years of experience in Business Advisory and Strategic Transformation and has been instrumental in the development of its AI-based software (Predixa Dynamix) designed for Business Transformation and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI) as well as Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, enabling organisations to become more effective and empowered. 

Paula’s passion is to help organisations (via Predixa's consulting partners) on their Business Transformation and DE&I journeys to achieve their business and social aims, from the use of Predixa's diagnostic applications to achieve results more quickly, efficiently and accurately

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Zag Asghar

Managing Partner

Zag brings over 25 years of experience in strategic change and business transformation across a wide range of industry sectors.  His background in advisory services, combined with software and technology has been key in formulating Predixa’s AI-driven applications.

Zag is driven by innovations that truly help Predixa's consulting partners to make a difference in their clients' organisations.  From a DE&I perspective, Zag’s passion is to help organisations achieve a level of social excellence whereby employees at all levels are heard, engaged and valued, whilst at the same time, benefiting from more innovation and a stronger competitive position as a result.


Kirsten Westholter

Head of Strategic Consulting Partnerships

Kirsten Westholter is Head of Strategic Consulting of Predixa with over 20 years of experience in Business Process Improvement, Project Management and Strategic Transformation. 

Kirsten is a true advocate for “thinking without a box” and therefore often includes Design Thinking principles in her approach. She believes in innovative and disruptive technologies to make companies future-proof. Kirsten invests in long-lasting strategic relationships with customers as well as business partners, and embraces the successes for all parties as a result.


Jordan Imran

Head of Technology

Jordan's experience from working with leading-edge technologies and his management of technology teams has been key in the architecture and development of Predixa's diagnostic applications, Predixa Dynamix.

Jordan is passionate about using innovative technologies to help solve business challenges and has applied both human and artificial intelligence in the development of Predixa Dynamix.

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About Us

Predixa is a leading-edge Business Transformation and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Software Diagnostics Technology Company.

We have developed sophisticated AI-driven business diagnostic applications, Predixa Dynamix, which deliver organisational transparency to drive real results for the benefit of an organisation’s alignment to business KPIs. as well as its workforce.

Our diagnostic applications, Predixa Dynamix CTX for Company Transformation and Predixa Dynamix DEI for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion have been built by consultants, for consultants.

Clients who engage with our accredited business partners equipped with Predixa's diagnostics tools benefit enormously in achieving 'Rapid analysis to Rapid Execution with an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy delivered at a speed that would not be possible using conventional data gathering and analysis methods.

Our team's heritage in strategic business transformation, change management and DEI with cross-industry experience has allowed us to experience the issues facing consultants and clients of "analysis paralysis" and the pain of getting past the first hurdle in understanding the status quo and then determining what actions to take to make improvements.  We believe we have solved the issue to achieve rapid analysis to rapid execution - ask our clients and accredited partners!


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