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PREDIXA delivers superior insights to companies and consultancies through the deployment of our Org-Dynamix platform. Our solution combines decades of experience with powerful, AI-driven insights to deliver outstanding results for clients over the long term.

For Clients

We provide Org-Dynamix, our AI-based software to help rapidly analyze your business.

Business Leaders use our Org-Dynamix suite of business application to make more effective business decisions based on automatically gather and interpreting information directly from key employees and the impact on their business.

This gives you more time on keeping the company moving forward strategically by focussing on key business issues that are revealed quickly and effectively by Org-Dynamix.

How We Work

Traditional methods of identification of key issues typically involve an analysis phase and an execution phase:

Analysis can take many months and in many cases, this may be too long to be responsive to disruptive market forces

We take a different approach, using our Org-Dynamix business applications. 

PREDIXA Approach

Rapid Analysis: Typical analysis stage reduced from several months to an elapsed time of 2 weeks or less using our software.


Iterative, Adaptive: Benchmarking and Rapid Execution. Allows for ongoing, adaptive changes to allow firms to stay competitive.

Benefits of using Org-Dynamix by Predixa

Rapid Analysis (10 Days Elapsed)
Takes View from Entire Business
Strips out Bias
Breakdown by Business Function
Ease of Interpretation of Issues
Drill-down into Key Issues
Highlights Most Important Next Steps
Focused Remediation Plan
Reduced Time to Implement Changes
Iterative Approach
Keeps your company adaptive and Agile
Cost Effective