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Amanda Line

PwC Academy

"Who would benefit from Predixa Dynamix? Any company that cares about its people and organisation and wants to be the best they can be."

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Laila Clarke

The Studio

"The power of analysis using Predixa Dynamix made it clear to us to really understand the issues and what was going on in our business. It was insightful to visually see the areas that needed attention and to have the key recommendations justified by the data, which enabled us to make our informed decisions with confidence".


Dan Asher


"Working with the team who used Predixa Dynamix CTX has been extremely helpful. The team helped highlight the areas of the business in which we needed to focus. We have seen real benefits in both hard metrics – such as sales…and the softer areas, such as company culture as a result of the quality of analysis underpinned by data to justify necessary changes in our organisation."

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Craig Lee

CX Group

"Predixa Dynamix CTX was used to analyse our Group globally and we found it to provide invaluable insights, which validated our thoughts and helped us prioritise and identify key areas of the business to focus on.

It is a super-useful business diagnostic application that could also be used as part of our data-gathering approach with our own clients."

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