What are the basic technical requirements to run Predixa Dynamix? 


  • Predixa Dynamix has been created using the Microsoft Power Platform, so the setup requires a Microsoft/Office 365 account space. 

  • All staff members from the organisation who will be taking the assessment require an Office 365 account, with an associated working email address

Are there any system requirements to run Predixa? 


  • The app is browser-based.  

  • We recommend using a mainstream browser on a desktop for the best experience, (though mobile devices can be used), but it has been tested on both Chromium and Non-Chromium browsers.   


Can it be run offline, online, or both? 


  • Online only ​​


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Predixa Dynamix
Troubleshooting & FAQs

Some of the more basic queries to get you started. 

There is also a wealth of information related to the Microsoft Power Platform at  

And for further information about Predixa Dynamix:

Licensing details

What type of licenses/subscription of Microsoft Power AppsMicrosoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power BI do you require for Predixa Dynamix to run? 


  • Depending on the user, there are different licensing requirements. 

  • All of the below have trial licenses, and some have a free tier 

    • Power Apps (Premium) - 30 days trial 

    • Power Automate - 90 days trial 

    • Power BI - 60 days trial 


Are we able to adjust the number of licenses if necessary? 


  • Yes, you can scale down the number of licenses to keep the application running. 

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License Types

Will each user of Predixa Dynamix require separate licenses for the Power Platform apps? 

  • Regular Users (Staff): 

    • This license permits staff to use the base application and respond to assessments 

    • O365 + Power Apps (Premium) License 


  • Management

    • This license provides members of management to use the base application and respond to assessments and to view the resulting reports 

    • O365 + Power Apps (Premium) + Power BI 


  • Administrator

    • This license provides elevated access to create and manage assignments, and to issue the associated assessments in a new Microsoft Power Apps environment, and Power BI dashboards. 

    • O365 + Power Apps (Premium) + Power BI + Power Automate  


  • Global Admin

    • This license provides the Microsoft Admin for Power Apps to configure and install the application 

    • O365 + Power Apps (Free) + Power Platform Environment Admin Role 

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of Trial

What happens at the end of the trial period? 


  • Trial licenses do not automatically convert to paid licenses


  • Data can be easily exported before the trial period ends to preserve Assessment results.   

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What is the difference between the Global Administrator and the Administrator roles?


The Global Administrator role sets up the Microsoft Power Platform applications, including Power Apps (a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs), Power Automate (a simple application to build process flows) and Power BI (a simple application to build interactive dashboards)


Once the setup is complete, the Global Admin is no longer required.


  • The app is designed to work out-the-box once installed.  

  • The Global Admin can be deactivated once setup is complete - removing the licenses and any expense associated with the account.  

  • The license can be reactivated later if elevated access is required. 



  • NB. Predixa is developing a more streamlined remote process to remove the need for the Global Admin role and make the process quicker and simpler.  


The Administrator's role is to create and manage the various assignments - e.g. running modules every 3 or 6 months; the Action Management Tracking; the Validation Pulses etc. the Administrator will also activate emails through the Power Platform to all relevant staff who will be participating in these assignments

In smaller organisations, the two Administrator roles may be performed by the same individual.

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and Security

What features are included in this current version of the software? 


  • The list below shows the key Features, Integration & Security aspects of Predixa 












Some examples of the 300 applications with which Predixa Dynamix integrates:

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