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Predixa Dynamix is a cloud-based Ai-driven business application, that combines rapid speed of insight and deep analysis with performance management of continual innovation, to drive organisational improvements.

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The Predixa 5-Stage Solution

Access and manage organisational-wide continual innovation using one single application.

Our Approach 

Employees are an organisation's greatest asset and we start by tapping into their professional input by means of a confidential assessment of 17 aspects common to all organisations.

During the assessment, our Ai-Engine AiVA listens to the responses, adjusting and verifying the content of the assessment in real-time to predict the likely areas for focus. 

The results are immediately available to the executive team for evaluation, with suggestions provided to help remediation. 

Once agreed, Predixa Dynamix provides a visual summary of progress of all the initiatives across the organisation, with measurement of the likely costs and ROI.

Success and feedback are validated through mini 'pulse' checks and the process can be repeated to drive programmes of continual improvement.  

A Robust Enterprise-Wide Business Application

Built entirely using Microsoft, Predixa Dynamix is a feature-rich, robust, enterprise-wide application

Sample Clients

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