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Change the way you approach Diversity and Inclusion with Dynamix-D&I 

Are your D&I Initiatives Working?

Most companies now appreciate the real business value of greater Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. 


However, achieving greater diversity can be a challenge. 


Some of the most popular D&I initiatives have actually been shown to decrease diversity for many companies. 


This is why we developed Dynamix-D&I, to help visionary companies get the most from their D&I programmes.


Features & Benefits

Forward Looking Data

Quotas and KPIs for D&I do not tell the full story of the effectiveness across your business. 

These historical metrics tell you what has happened, but they give no indication where issues may still exist, or how those issues impact the business as a whole.  

We use forward looking data gathered from your employees to determine what initiatives are currently working and why.

Rapid and Agile

We give you a clear, unbiased view of where your D&I programme is working, and where it isn’t.


This approach allows you to understand where to make dynamic changes, stay adaptable, and get the maximum benefit from your D&I Initiatives.


Our D&I software is built upon the same rapid approach used in our other Org-Dynamix modules. This means you can expect to see the analysis done in weeks, not months. 

This approach can then be repeated regularly, to make iterative changes and adapt as you go.

Unlock More Value from Your Diversity

To understand more about our unique approach, read the whitepaper or contact us to speak to an advisor.

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