Predixa Dynamix Assessment
Employee User Guide

Easy-to-follow instructions below for taking the Predixa Dynamix assessment.


When you are ready to take the assessment (which should take no more than 15 minutes), don't take too long considering your anonymous replies - instinctive reactions are more authentic and valuable. ​

For further information: https://www.predixa.ai/contact

Taking the Assessment: Overview

Predixa Dynamix is a powerful Ai-driven online assessment application, that gives business leaders rapid insight to help them make decisions with confidence.


By responding to a series of carefully crafted and researched statements pulled from a large repository, Predixa Dynamix provides employees with the means to express their views or experiences relating to many aspects of the organisation.


Please rest assured that all data is displayed anonymously


This is your opportunity to help improve your organisation so that everyone benefits.

Your input is used to help your leadership identify where improvements may be necessary, prioritise the most important ones and implement changes that drive the organisation forward.  

Taking the Assessment: Email

When the organisation is ready to run an assessment, each employee will be provided access to a specific assessment module through an embedded link via email.

The embedded link in the email will take you to the Predixa cover page of your own private Assessment Center.

Assessment welcome page with smaller log

Employee Assessment Centre: Controlling Your Assessment

Each employee has access to their own page of Predixa Dynamix called the Predixa Assessment Center, where they can see the status of the assessments i.e. those that are awaiting completion, and those assessments that have been completed.

It is advised to bookmark this link; in case it is required for future use.

assessment centre.jpg

Employee Assessment Centre: Starting Your Assessment

Once the Predixa Assessment Center has been reached, click on the ‘Assigned’ link to start the assessment.

Please note: Once assessments are completed, they cannot be retaken.

assigned in assessment centre.jpg

Taking the Assessment: Welcome Page

You will be taken to the welcome page of the assessment containing the welcome and explanatory message. (Please note: this can take a few moments to load.)

By clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button, you will then be taken to a series of proforma pages asking you to confirm information regarding your role and responsibilities within the organisation. This information will impact the nature of the statements drawn from the repository.

Taking the Assessment: Confirming Department

The first page requests confirmation about the employees’ primary area of responsibility within 8 vertical business units. i.e. which department do you work in?


Clicking one of the toggles will change the colour from grey to blue.

If you feel none of these descriptions match your area of responsibility, leave blank.

Taking the Assessment: Confirming Position

By clicking the NEXT button, you will then be asked to indicate your position within the organisation. i.e. whether you are a manager of a team, or do not have any direct reports.

If none of these descriptions match your reporting position, please leave blank.

Taking the Assessment: About to Begin

By clicking the NEXT button, you will then be taken to a page that explains that you are about to begin the assessment.

You will then be taken to the start of the assessment.

Taking the Assessment: Responding to Statements

Statements will appear related to different categories across the organisation.


Click between 1 – 10 (or ‘Don’t Know’) to state the level of agreement with the statement. The next statement will automatically appear.


To change the response to a previous statement, use the ‘back’ button (located at the bottom of the screen with the symbol (< ), followed by the forward button (>) to return to the original position.

Taking the Assessment: Status Progress

The progress of the assignment status is shown by both the moving progress bar at the top of the pane, and the numbers shown in the top right-hand corner.


Typically, the assessment takes about 15 mins.

If for any reason you are unable to complete the assessment in one go, don't worry. Return to the assessment using the email link, and you will be able to continue from where you left.


Once you have completed the assessment, the results will be processed.

Completing the Assessment: Status Confirmed

By returning to the Predixa Assessment Centre, you will be directed to your Assignment page, which will show that the assignment status is ‘Completed’ (this may take a few seconds as the data is being captured, and you can click 'refresh' in the browser bar).  

Once you have noted that the assignment has been completed, you can close the page to log out.

status completed.jpg