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Gender Equality for Business Resilience

Women have an undoubted Positive Impact in Organisations

Women offer the balance, diversity of thought and decision-making process to strengthen any organisation.  Shifting gender equality and women’s empowerment from the edge of an organization's consciousness from a ‘nice-to-have’, to a ‘must have’ on the board is an imperative to drive business strategy and execution more effectively.

Globally, organisations are under pressure from Investors, Governments and Customers to demonstrate commitment to achieving Gender Equality targets – but quickly.

At Predixa we provide recommendations for you to reach your Gender Equality targets, using our advanced AI-driven diagnostics, in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

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Increasing Gender Equality makes a Real Difference

The evidence is clear.

Increasing Gender Equality improves company culture, customer understanding, and overall company performance. At Predixa we provide our clients with verifiable benchmarks to track the social and financial benefits of the impacts of a gender equality driven culture that generate sustainable growth. 


Improve Company Understanding

Research has identified that women have been shown to make most of the decisions when considering buying an item. At Predixa, by accessing data from your customers and employees, we can help you to improve the appeal of your products or services to the target market, and thereby increase sales.

Improve Company Performance

It is well-known that men & women often act differently.
A balanced mix of gender in the boardroom provides greater diversity of views. At Predixa, we help identify the key areas for focus to create a supportive management environment to optimise the opportunity for improvement to overall company performance, and achieve sustainable resilient growth

Improve Company Culture

Research shows that a higher proportion of women in the workplace makes for a more enjoyable working environment for everyone - regardless of age, industry, company size, seniority, ethnicity and gender. At Predixa, we recommend actions to increase gender equality to drive increased job satisfaction; organisational commitment; increase work-life balance to attract and keep your best talent.  

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