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Is Your Company Prepared for Strong Growth
in this Economic Climate?

Paula Newby, CEO, Predixa

Achieve Strong Growth from focused Business Decisions

Thriving during this period requires improving your core products or services, retaining and engaging your workforce and to innovate at the same time - amongst a number of other initiatives.


Today's effective leaders don't rely on leadership qualities alone, they depend on making the right business decisions, based on the right accurate data, at the right time - so that they can succeed in generating growth and value from their organisation.

This is precisely what Predixa delivers

History shows that companies investing in innovation through a crisis outperform peers during the recovery period

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Effective Business Decisions from Predixa's deep Analysis 

Leaders are able to make effective business data-driven decisions to improve and grow with confidence using Predixa's services.

We use our advanced AI-based diagnostics which provide deep analysis of data combined with our decades of advisory experience.  

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Craig Lee
CX Group, Director, Strategy & Transformation

Predixa analysed our Group globally and we found it to provide invaluable insights, which validated our thoughts and helped us prioritise and identify key areas of the business to focus on for business growth and improvement.

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Amanda Line
Partner, PwC Academy

"Who would benefit from Predixa's approach?  Any company that cares about its people and organisation and wants to be the best they can be."

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Dan Asher 
CEO, IRE Oil & Gas

"Working with the Predixa team has been extremely helpful in highlighting the areas of the business in which we needed to focus. We have seen real benefits in our sales, and in the softer areas, such as company culture in our organisation."

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Drivers of Economic Change

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Plan for Growth & Innovation in 2023

Growth in 2023 will be challenged by numerous internal and external factors and drivers of change  as we enter recession.


Maximising returns from core products and services, along with retaining and attracting talent, workforce management, developing an inclusive culture and adding innovation to the mix will be key.


Predixa's advisory services using our advanced AI-based diagnostics makes prioritised decision-making easier and enables real results to be achieved quickly and effectively. 

Ready to Have an Informative Discussion?

To arrange a complimentary 20 minute consultation and begin your journey in building for strong sustainable growth, please click below to book a slot with us. 

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Paula Newby, CEO, Predixa


Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our work, we guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with our analysis and recommendations that enable your company to improve.

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Consultation for "Are you prepared for Growth?"
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