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Emiratisation Video Introduction
Achieving ROI from Nationalisation

Value for the Nation from Investment in People

As GCC Governments drive Nationalisation quotas on the private sector, companies need to act quickly to avoid costly fines and take up the opportunities of government subsidies. At Predixa we provide prioritised recommendations of how to optimise the Nationalisation strategy, based upon our advanced AI-driven diagnostics, in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.
Our unique advisory service assesses the data gathered from the complex and subtle relationships between the vertical business functions and horizontal impacts of strategies, policies and behaviours. We combine data from internal and external stakeholders with key metrics to help you make the correct data-driven decisions with confidence.



Nationalisation is not just about the Numbers

Sustainable business solutions for growth involves attracting, developing and retaining a fully integrated and empowered workforce. At Predixa we provide our clients with verifiable benchmarks across various indices, to show the social and financial benefits and organisational improvements of a balanced and unified Nationalisation approach.


With opportunities to move to the private sector, Nationals are seeking organisations that can provide them with the job satisfaction and potential to further their skills and career, in an inclusive and supportive culture. We provide business leaders with the visibility and recommendations to develop the same. 

As private sector companies recruit more Nationals, our prioritised recommendations look beyond the numbers and consider supportive factors such as the inclusiveness of the culture, training, health & wellbeing to ensure that they are empowered to achieve their best for the company. 

As a business in the private sector, Nationalisation is a legal requirement, but comes with challenges. At Predixa we help business leaders maximise ROI by better utilisation and performance from Nationals by understand the needs from both sides to increase the probability of success.

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Shifting Emiratisation from Obligation to Opportunity

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Shifting Emiratisation from obligation to opportunity

Our Nationlisation analysis process provides comprehensive level of detail to allow you to take decisions to maximise value and ROI.

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