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Achieve Strategic Value from DE&I - Case Study

To illustrate the opportunity to organisations to achieve both social and financial value through a commitment to DE&I, I would like to share this extraordinary example from Qantas:

Back in 2103, the airline posted a thumping loss of 2.8 billion Australian dollars, due to issues such as: A380 technical problems; high fuel prices; and union disruptions.

4 years later in 2017, following an incredible turnaround, the company achieved a profit of A$ 850 million. This included: achieving 12% operating profit; delivering shareholder dividends; being voted both the world’s safest airline; and the best Australian company to work for.

Explaining this amazing success, Alan Joyce, CEO said “We developed a very inclusive culture, supporting a very diverse workforce which got us through the tough times . . . diversity generated a better strategy, better risk management, better debates, and better outcomes.”

This wonderful real-world example, perfectly illustrates the positive impact of applying DE&I principles. Driven by the #leadership, with an #inclusive culture supporting a #diverse workforce that is valued and listened to, an organisation is able to take advantage of employees’ diverse ideas and experiences to drive #innovation, reduce risk, and produce better business results to the top and bottom line.

At @Predixa, we believe that if these results can be achieved by a company the size of Qantas, how much easier will it be for smaller organisations?

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