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Bullying does not stop at the playground

Bullying does not stop at the playground Diversity is a good thing, but it can also create challenges. As we continue to grow and expand as a society, we will need to learn how to make sure we are respecting the diverse backgrounds of everyone we interact with. It is a fact that as our society becomes more diverse, the workforce reflects these changes.

One of the most basic rights that any person deserves is to be able to work free of discrimination. No one should be discriminated against for their gender, race, age, sexuality, or anything else. Unfortunately, discrimination and bullying in the workplace happens more often than you think.

#bullying is a pattern of offensive behavior that is intended to intimidate or otherwise negatively impact a person or group. It can take the form of repeated incidents, words spoken in anger, the publication of embarrassing pictures and so on.

Bullying happens on all levels. A manager may be bullying a subordinate, two employees may be acting like bullies to one another or a coworker might be mean to someone who they are not working with.

Bullying can not only lead to disastrous and even fatal health effects for individuals, the overall health of an entire organisation can actually be impacted. An unhealthy workplace can have many effects, which reduce revenues and profits. Some examples are:

➡️ Increased absenteeism

➡️ Increased turnover

➡️ Decreased productivity

➡️ Reduced corporate image

➡️ Increased legal costs

An inclusive business culture is a culture where everyone feels valued, listened to, respected, represented and cared for, - and where they can ’be themselves’, without fear of recrimination. Such a culture is a positive and respectful one, where bullying is not tolerated.

As the philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” The time has come for us all to do something, don’t you think?


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