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Can't get That Christmas Gift? Blame The Gender Gap

According to the International Labour Organisation, the pandemic is estimated to have been responsible for women losing a total 66% of the global jobs lost.

This has had many knock-on effects - not least, extending the #GenderGap (defined as the differences experienced by men and women in terms of health, education, economics and politics). It is now estimated by the World Economic Forum that it will take over 125 years for the gender gap to be closed. (Which means we will have to wait for our great, great-grandchildren to see the gap closed, if we do nothing new).

However, this pandemic-related extension of the gender gap has also impacted the overall performance of #SupplyChains through the distortion of labour markets, disrupting production and delivery schedules, and creating losses, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies.

The research clearly shows that empowering women in value chains helps to improve women’s lives, thereby allowing companies to achieve more stable and efficient supply chains.

Additionally, having women participate and direct supply chain management, shows that companies design better products and services that serve the real needs of their customers.

Indeed, companies that embrace gender diversity and develop effective business models that target women as consumers, distributors and suppliers gain greater competitive advantage and greater profits.

So, if Santa’s struggling to get hold of that particular gift..don’t blame the with @Predixa to close the Gender Gap!


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