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D&I Quotas Or Targets - Scratching The Surface, or Lasting Change?

Currently a hot topic of discussion at Executive board meetings, but let’s understand the difference between these two terms:

#Quotas are typically fixed, usually mandatory minimum numbers, to be reached no matter what, often linked to penalties.

#Targets are more aspirational goals; more flexible than fixed. Ideally, they should stretch the organisation, but not be impossible to reach.

At Predixa, we advise steering clear of quotas as we believe these are a quick-fix, to placate interested parties, but lack lasting relevance. However, we firmly support targets.

To create meaningful D&I targets, it is necessary first to understand the #RootCause of why imbalances exist. Then determine the objective based on market availability numbers (e.g. are there enough sufficiently trained female crane operators available right now to achieve our targets?), in-house talent pools, market best practices, or – at times – governing bodies’ recommendations.

Once targets have been determined, establish #Baselines, measure progress, identify hurdles, take corrective action as needed and celebrate successes. Even after targets have been established, the key to lasting success is to ensure decisions are based on choosing the best person for the job. Recruiting or promoting a demographic simply to meet a target, will result in disillusionment from the existing workforce, and the most talented will leave - join competitors, damaging reputation and brand.

Our advice - avoid quotas, but strive to achieve targets with authenticity, since this works best for a growing #SustainableBusiness.

Do you agree?….what is your advice regarding this topic?


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