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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Effective Leader?

The combination of Covid, inflation and the exponential speed of technical and digital change, means that many of the behemoth companies that have traditionally enjoyed quarter-on-quarter increases on profits, are struggling to maintain market share (with some investors predicting a stock market crash next year).

The challenges of recent months have exposed those organisations that have not adapted their thinking to embrace a more #Agile, ‘start-up’ mentality.

It would be true to say that nowadays, the ‘only constant is change’, which requires a different leadership style. Yes...leaders still need #Vision; an ability to #Communicate; build teams, and be held accountable...but they also need large dollops of #Empathy; the ability to REALLY listen, question, and admit to not having all the answers - leaving their ego behind.

Sometimes described as ‘Shepherd’ or ‘Servant’ leaders, they need to show they really care - especially when so many of their workforce have experienced mental anguish through the recent lockdowns - and need to be prepared to be directed by others in how to empower their workforce.

This new style fits well with the naturally more caring, nurturing approach of many women. Sadly, despite the UK workforce being made up of 47% women, in the 2020 report by ​​ only 10.5% of UK Executives are women (with only 5.8% BAME Execs - none of which are female).

There is a raft of research to show the benefits of #Diversity on the #Board, driving:

- +41% Return on Equity

- +56% operating results

- 10% female managers, produce +40% higher sales than 5% female managers

- Every female in the boardroom, increases female promotion by +26%

With so many stakeholders clamouring for change, how are your leaders showing they have what it takes to meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing world?

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