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Emiratisation: Retention and Engagement.

As reported in the Khaleej Times on Monday 3rd January 2023, in the first #UAE cabinet meeting of the year, the top five priorities of the year were announced, which included accelerating the #Emiratisation programme.

With so many UAE Nationals employed in the public sector - partly funded by oil revenues, forecast to reduce as the world falls out of love with hydrocarbons - it makes perfect sense to shift the balance to the private sector.

Acceleration of Emiratisation #quotas for the private sector, means that companies need to act quickly to avoid costly #fines, and realise the opportunities of government #subsidies.

But Emiratisation is not just about the numbers.

Once UAE Nationals are hired, organisations may face challenges in long-term #retention and #engagement. This could be due to issues such as a lack of career development opportunities, cultural differences, or difficulties with the integration of UAE Nationals into the existing work culture.

At Predixa, we help organisations embed sustainable business solutions for growth that involve attracting, developing and retaining Nationals into a fully integrated and empowered workforce.

We advise on how to develop an #inclusive culture, supported by suitable #training and #career development to ensure that ALL the workforce achieve the best for the company, and contribute to the federal vision of the UAE becoming the best country in the world.

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