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Ennoventure Scores a record high of 90% on Predixa’s DEI Index



Ennoventure Inc, a global technology firm that has built software applications that verify the authenticity and provenance of products by using invisible coding on packaging of goods such as medicines, scored a record high of nearly 90% on Predixa’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Index.

One of the important drivers for Ennoventure has been to continually grow business with people-focus as front and centre and have diversity and inclusion as a key element of their strategy to enable a culture that generates continuous innovation as a result.

The company decided that although they were getting excellent results and productivity, they wanted to really get into the detail of how well (or not) they were performing and to find a way of measuring equality and inclusivity in particular, which are attributes that are notoriously difficult to quantify. For this analysis, they selected Predixa, a global technology and services company that specialises in Diversity & Inclusion using Artificial Intelligence to gather and analyse relevant data.

Padmakumar Nair, CEO of Ennoventure said, “ Having two daughters, I have always been passionate about building an inclusive business culture where everyone feels valued and respected - regardless of gender, age, ability, nationality, ethnicity etc. A sustainable business starts with a caring and inclusive culture, with a purpose that matches that of our employees. We selected Predixa because they offered a level of depth and breadth of analysis that we have not seen before from other companies”.

Nair added, “As a result of the Predixa D&I analysis, we are delighted to announce that Ennoventure achieved an unprecedented Inclusivity score of 89.8% and an overall DEI score of 89.6% on the Predixa DEI Index, which analyses numerous indicators around issues such as Gender Equality, Age Equality, Health & Wellbeing, Leadership, Knowledge-Sharing and Teamwork. We are proud of the confirmation that our people-centric approach really is working across many levels and we will use Predixa to provide this important data on an ongoing basis for our internal benchmarking as we grow our organisation and our people.”

Paula Newby, CEO of Predixa said, “It is both exciting and refreshing to see businesses such as Ennoventure embedding principles right from the start to build strong foundations for tomorrow by creating an inclusive business culture. We have no doubt that with such high scores for both overall DEI as well as Inclusivity on our Predixa DEI Index, Ennoventure will have a better opportunity to attract and keep the best talent by making them feel truly valued, thereby driving high levels of engagement, innovation and people going the extra mile because of the values of the company and its leadership”.


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