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Finding Your Purpose Drives Engagement

Having persuaded those vital #Millennials and #GenerationZs to join your organisation, how do you keep them engaged and wanting to stay?

Unsurprisingly, it comes down to them finding #Purpose in their work, which drives greater connection, achievement, #engagement, commitment and pride - to name just a few.

And what can managers do to help employees find their purpose?

1. Start with the organisation’s purpose. Does it align with that of the employees? Begin with an authentic dialogue about the company’s impact on the community/world.

2. Support with compassionate leadership by allowing staff to reflect on their purpose in the world.

3. Provide opportunities to help employees find more personal meaning in their day-to-day work.

Whilst this may seem a deviation from the overarching aims of a commercial organisation, research shows that employees driven by purpose, try harder and are more apt to #innovate. With so many reevaluating their connection with work cultures after #WorkingFromHome, surely it’s worth taking some time to help them find their renewed purpose.

Don’t you agree?


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