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Getting Strategic Value from DE&I - Impact on Tourism

As we emerge blinking into the sunlight after the devastating impact of the pandemic, potential growth in the tourism sector is very exciting.

A report from August 2022 shows the global luxury travel market is expected to grow by +8% to $1,370 billion by 2028. This is fueled by the desire to experience different cultures, landscapes and adventures following the travel restrictions during lockdown; the growing economic development of previously underdeveloped regions; and the growing disposable income from the main target demographics - i.e. Affluent Baby Boomers and Generation X - those aged 41 – 67.

However, in an Accenture report about the impact of DE&I on the travel industry there are some interesting findings:

  • 56% of guests want to see evidence of DE&I when booking their holiday.

  • 60% state that evidence of DE&I will drive increased loyalty to that organisation.

  • 50% are prepared to pay an extra 5% - 20% premium if they can see evidence of DE&I in their chosen travel organisation

  • 60% state the importance of DE&I activity in their travel organisation aligning with their own values

  • 40% said they would switch providers if there was an absence of DE&I

  • 60% of travel executives stated that it was increasingly difficult to maintain customer loyalty without visibility of DE&I activity.

Living in the UAE, these issues are especially relevant, as the country currently ranks as the 11th most popular tourist destination, behind the likes of France, Spain, UAS & China. However, if the UAE and other countries are to fully realise their tourist potential, it is clear that they cannot ignore the growing demand for verifiable activity and reporting around the issues of DE&I.

Do you agree? How important are DE&I related issues when you choose and book your next holiday?


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