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Is it true that winners stand alone?

In a 2020 IBM report leading executives highlighted five key discoveries for the post-pandemic business landscape. One of the discoveries made was that although successful solo players exist, most businesses do need partnerships and ecosystems.

The importance of taking an #ecosystem perspective has been highlighted as one of the future nine keys to becoming a #futureready organisation in McKinsey’s 2021 research

Within various sectors expectations are growing that broader reach will help define winners. Future-ready organisations view partners as extensions of themselves. These relationships are founded on high levels of trust, common values and beliefs, as well as mutual dependence to share value. Instead of transactional relationships, partnership models are motivated by shared success.

We at PREDIXA believe in the strength of collaborations and therefore embrace strategic partnerships. That’s why we partner with like-minded individuals and consulting organisations that have solid experience in #businesstransformation to enable a more effective approach to business analysis, through the use of #artificialintelligence.

IBM mentioned the following in their report: “Some will win. Some will lose. But few will do it alone.” In my opinion there is nothing wrong with going solo. However, if you want to grow exponentially you do need strategic partnerships. When you think big, you need to act big.

Partners should not be seen as competitors, instead they are allies and you need allies to win the war! At the moment you start to see them as competitors there is only one outcome: the partnership breaks.

If you do work with partners, ask yourself: Do we see our partners as competitors or allies? In other words: Do you have a scarcity or an abundance mindset?

Winners don’t need to stand alone……


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