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Measuring The Inclusivity Of A Culture

Defining an organisation’s #culture is difficult; measuring it even more so.

But what needs to be measured to assess the level of inclusivity of a culture? It can be distilled into several areas, which include:

1. Fair treatment of all without #discrimination

2. Valuing and respecting differences of opinion

3. Balanced consideration of other ideas in decision-making

4. Freedom to express oneself without fear

5. Shared values driving a sense of belonging

6. Diversity reflected across all levels of the workforce

By understanding employees’ responses to carefully crafted statements, the perception of the level of #inclusivity within a culture can be measured, creating an internal #benchmark against which subsequent improvements can be assessed.

Research shows organisations that measure DEI, create accountability; drive greater innovation and performance; embed inclusion into HR-related processes and report over 20% more improvements in measured cultural inclusivity than organisations lacking these approaches.

With so many HR processes in flux right now in the post-pandemic environment, leaders must ensure measuring and managing inclusion stays on the to-do list as well. How would you measure your organisation’s culture?


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