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Predixa Launches World’s first GEWE & WEPs Benchmarking Application


Predixa Launches World’s first GEWE & WEPs Benchmarking Application

Predixa, with the support of Microsoft, announces the world’s first Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) application that provides a GEWE inclusion benchmarking as well as alignment to the 7 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) supported by UN Women, for companies of all sizes and industries.

Paula Newby, CEO of Predixa said, “We are delighted to offer clients the ability to create internal benchmarks of their GEWE and WEPs status, along with the ability to identify what and where to focus to make improvements for the benefit their people as well as adding value to the business KPIs of their organisation.

Where we differ is that we empower organisations to take control of what really matters internally and to take actions themselves, as opposed to waiting to be assessed by external parties as part of a rating system.”

Predixa has developed an application underpinned by cutting-edge technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables rapid analysis of an organisation’s status to predict the probability of issues in specific areas that would impact the effectiveness of their GEWE or WEPs policies. While many of the external benchmark providers tend to gather specific data from outside-in, mainly for investors purposes, Predixa uses more precise internal data within the organisation to allow ongoing internal benchmarks to be measured with speed and accuracy for necessary improvements to be made.

Newby added, “With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives that include GEWE and the United Nations WEPs, there has to be value creation for employees, in tandem with bringing value to the organisation. We have all read reports of how DEI leads to more profitable organisations – we are empowering clients with the means to measure those crucial people-related policies and values along with business metrics to make them tangible. This transparency helps show why DEI matters for every firm - but based on real internal data. This is where internal benchmarking is more important for the true purpose of DEI rather than externally measured “vanity metrics” to appeal to external parties”.

Predixa’s GEWE application is available for immediate general release.


For more information about this press release, please contact Kirsten Westholter

Predixa Technologies

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About Predixa Predixa is a leading-edge DEI Advisory and Technology Company. With a team of highly experienced professionals, combined with sophisticated AI-driven applications, the company focuses on delivering DEI transparency to drive real results for the benefit of an organisation’s workforce as well as alignment to business KPIs.


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