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Predixa Revolutionises Business Transformation


01 Mar 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Predixa Revolutionises Business Transformation

Predixa Technologies announced the latest release of its business transformation diagnostic application, Predixa Dynamix CTX, which revolutionises the process of analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable business leaders to make decisions for organisational change with confidence.

The impact of the pandemic has increased the pressure on companies to continually adapt and change to remain competitive, or indeed, survive.

Globally, inflation rates (IR) for example, have been growing at an alarming rate. The US IR has accelerated to 7.5% in January of 2022 (the highest since February of 1982), while the UK, reached a record high of 5.5% (highest since March 1992), as a result of factors that include soaring energy costs, labour shortages, and supply disruptions.

Such factors pose a problem for companies in adopting an approach that allows comprehensive analysis of their organisation regularly, in a short amount of time, with depth, accuracy and quality of data to enable confident decision-making for strategic change.

This is the problem Predixa Dynamix CTX solves for business transformation.

Zag Asghar, Managing Partner of Predixa said, "The market dynamics are evolving at such a rate that the traditional annual strategic reviews are unfit for purpose. Business leaders recognise the need to be increasing the frequency of measuring their business pulse and adapting to change. The forces for change are not just external, they also include potentially powerful internal factors - such as workforce management and talent management, accentuated by the pandemic.

We developed our diagnostics to empower our consulting partners to perform rapid analysis of their clients' current business status quickly and effectively to determine which issues of priority to tackle. Our short, sharp incremental approach using our AI-based technology is far more effective than typically huge transformational change programs”.

Predixa’s Dynamix CTX provides quarterly benchmarking and companies can measure the level of improvement achieved as a result of remedial actions, and measure the Return on Investment (ROI), a notoriously difficult aspect to quantify.

Asghar added, “Our aim has been to enable organisations to achieve ‘rapid analysis to rapid execution’ and break the issue of ‘analysis-paralysis’ that often plagues leaders.

Our business transformation, service, delivered by our accredited consulting partners using Predixa Dynamix CTX, gives business leaders the edge and an unfair advantage over their competitors, and this is the missing ingredient that sets apart clients who use our approach to make meaningful and impactful transformational change versus those who still use traditional consulting services”.

Predixa Dynamix CTX business transformation diagnostic and measurement service is available for immediate general release.


For more information on Predixa, please visit:

About Predixa Technologies Predixa is a leading-edge Business Transformation and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Advisory and technology company. With a team of highly experienced professionals, combined with sophisticated AI-driven business diagnostic applications, the company focuses on delivering organisational transparency to drive real results for the benefit of an organisation’s workforce as well as alignment to business KPIs.

For more information, please contact Kirsten Westholter


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