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Predixa Selected for Prestigious MBRIF Program


12 April 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Predixa Selected for Prestigious MBRIF Program

Predixa Technologies has been selected from a global pool of leading-edge companies by the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF), a government-backed initiative, to join them on their latest program to fast-track companies that have the potential to add value to the UAE and scale their business on the world stage. Predixa joins an elite number of global companies on the MBRIF programme, now in its 5th iteration.

MBRIF's stated aim is, "We collaborate with the world’s most talented minds—those who tackle the world’s biggest challenges and address age-old problems in new and innovative ways." Over the years, the MBRIF Accelerator program has played a key role in shaping the path of its members and access to the UAE market. The Accelerator supports the members through the value chain, providing valuable insights from the industry ecosystem to leverage the demand of the local and regional business landscape.

Zag Asghar, Managing Partner at Predixa said, "We are honoured and delighted to have been selected by the MBRIF leadership team. We believe that our innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our diagnostic applications, Predixa Dynamix, enables us and our consulting partners to solve the problem of lengthy and costly business transformations for clients by pinpointing areas of issues validated by quantifiable data that is gathered in a far more effective way. This means that business leaders can make the right decisions relating to areas of improvement, rapidly, and with a high degree of confidence. Predixa Dynamix diagnostics, used as part of our advisory services achieve rapid analysis to enable rapid execution far more rapidly, effectively and accurately than any other traditional means in the market.”

One of the key considerations for MBRIF's selection process was the positive potential impact that Predixa's solution would have on the UAE as well as globally.

Asghar added, "Our solutions, such as our company transformation service and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) service are designed to enable companies to become more efficient and effective and socially aware by analysing their organisation deeply and widely, leading to both social and financial change. Our DEI service, in particular, is at the leading edge of driving change. For example, we help uncover issues related to gender equality, measure the impact of policies that affect working lives, and reveal the factors that impact inclusion. The elusive part is quantifying the Return on Investment (ROI) on actions particularly related to social change initiatives, and we believe we have the solution that makes these measurable and applicable to organisations in the private and public sectors globally."


For more information on Predixa, visit:

About Predixa Technologies Based in Dubai, UAE, Predixa is a leading-edge Business Transformation and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Advisory and technology company. With a team of highly experienced professionals, combined with sophisticated AI-driven business diagnostic applications, the company focuses on delivering organisational transparency to drive real results for the benefit of an organisation’s workforce as well as alignment to business KPIs.


The MBRIF is a federal initiative conceived and launched by the UAE Ministry of Finance (MoF). The initiative seeks to identify and nurture high potential innovations both within the UAE and abroad. It aims to enhance the growth potential of innovative businesses and shape the future of the UAE’s economy.

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