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Removing Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Bias exists in us all - it’s part of being human. Research shows that we naturally apply different standards to men and women.

However, having declared your gender equality targets for your organisation (UN Women minimum recommendation is 30%), try using the following four suggestions to remove #unconsciousbias during recruitment:

- Create #genderbalanced interview panels to help improve #gendersensitivity in the process.

- Ensure applications are pre-screened to remove photos, names and use only gender-neutral language.

- Ask candidates the same questions, with standardised assessment criteria.

- Include skill-based tests, asking candidates to perform tasks relevant to the job.

Back in the 1970s, the top 5 orchestras in the US had less than 5% female members. After introducing ‘blind auditions’ - where candidates played behind a screen (and removed shoes to help further keep their gender secret), female players now represent over 30% and rising.

We have to change our approach to break the cycle.

Do you have other tips to remove unconscious bias in recruitment?


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