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Showing You Care Wins The War On Talent

#Millennials (Gen Y) and #GenerationZs will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2035, so organisations want to win the war on talent, by attracting and keeping the stars of today and tomorrow, here are 5 tips to follow.

1. It’s not just about profits. Demonstrate genuine values. ‘If you care about your people, you care about what your people care about’.

2. Regardless of political leaning, be a company that takes a stand for what is right.

3. Understand that this generation is still figuring things out and may not have all the answers.

4. Develop a culture where people can celebrate being themselves. Support social impact in the community that makes a difference.

5. Whether you agree with it or not, #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter are examples of real underlying changes in society that are impacting business for the better.

It seems an inclusive and diverse business approach that focuses more on #values will win the war on talent for these two generations.

Don’t you agree?


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