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So you thought Diversity was something new?

We know what #Diversity means, but its real value comes from tapping into the extraordinary opportunity of ‘Diversity of Thought’ to drive #innovation.

Innovative ideas are best generated by physically gathering people together with diverse interests to brainstorm ideas, producing new approaches and thoughts through serendipity.

Steve Jobs liked buildings with central atriums where diverse teams could meet to spark new ideas.

Benjamin Franklin founded a Friday club, where the people of Philadelphia would gather to explore the principles of creating a group of interdependent states.

At the Renaissance court of Duke Ludovico Sforza in Milan, Leonardo Da Vinci mixed with architects, engineers, mathematicians, poets, medical researchers, musicians and scientists to feed his extraordinary genius and come up with his radical flying machines, his ground-breaking approach to construction solutions in architecture and proportion in the human form etc.

Cross-disciplinary thinkers from diverse cultures and backgrounds in organisations spark unusual solutions and help let the ‘Leonardo’ in us all take flight.

Are you ready for lift-off?


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