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Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Own Career!

With all the talk of #WomensEmpowerment and the compelling research data showing the positive effect women have at all levels of management, why are we not seeing a ‘tsunami’ of women rising to the top?

Well….from both personal experience…and through conversations with clients, even when opportunities are made available, so often as women - we self-sabotage - experiencing a lack of self-belief that holds us back.

Also known as the #ImposterSyndrome, research found it regularly appearing in high achieving women when faced with a role that would have been unfamiliar or out of reach for their parents. And so, the higher we rise in an organisation; the more likely we are to feel inadequate.(​​

To break the ‘internal’ #GlassCeiling and release the potential powerhouse within, try working through these 3 approaches:

1. Understand the limiting behaviours holding you back, and work to change that mindset.

- Consider your past successes: how well they were deserved; legitimately achieved through your hard work and talent?

- Celebrate and ‘own’ your past successes and accomplishments - speak of them with pride and release yourself from fear of being judged.

- Break free from expectations of being the ‘good girl’ - follow your heart and passions.

2. Be clear about what you want - and ask for it.

- Do your research regarding compensation, benefits etc, so you know what to expect - and don’t underestimate your worth.

- To paraphrase the famous speech by JFK: ‘Ask not what the organisation can do for you, but what you can do for the organisation.’ Justify your request with evidence from those past successes.

3. Recognise you can’t do it alone.

- Find a mentor to challenge, push and hold you accountable.

- Find - or create - a support group that can make you stronger and reinforce your self-belief, because self-confidence breeds success.

Organisations are slowly waking up to the huge benefits of having more female CEOs etc. Let’s grab these opportunities with confidence - deep down, we know we can do it!

Don’t you agree?


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