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The Great Depression, The Great Gatsby, And Now The Great Resignation?

During the pandemic, the focus for many organisations has understandably been ‘how to keep the lights on’ by preserving cash flow; how to mend broken supply chains and how to keep staff safe?

However, whilst we have all been in lockdown and given time to re-assess our priorities, the statistics say that huge numbers of us (some have quoted up to 95% globally!) have been reconsidering whether we actually want to continue working for our current organisations.

This phenomenon is being labelled as the ‘Great Resignation’ or #TheBigQuit. And yet, strangely...the level of #EmployeeEngagement activity has never been higher (over $720million annually, according to Deloitte).

Clearly, there is a disconnect...showing these employment engagement surveys are not working. Research shows some startling contradictions and statistics.

According to

- 70% of employees don’t respond to annual engagement surveys.

- Nearly 30% think the surveys are useless.

- What’s worse...80% of employees don’t believe managers will act on survey data.

Since your staff are going to have a far better idea of how to improve their personal work-life balance and prevent #TheBigQuit….the only way to be sure is to ask.

But counter these worrying disengagement statistics, by putting time and resources into delivering these changes seriously - and in a timely manner. If you decide to use a suggestion, inform your staff about the changes so they feel valued and enjoy the recognition. If you decide against an idea, explain your reasoning to show it was at least considered and appreciated.

And finally, reward feedback through incentives like profit sharing, to encourage workers to keep offering their thoughts and help you retain your valuable workforce long into the future.

Part of PREDIXA’s process is to provide a communication plan, distributed within days of collecting the data, highlighting areas of celebration in the organisation that aligns with the company’s purpose, and sharing the key findings with associated improvement action plans - thereby driving increased engagement for subsequent assessments.

How is your organisation preventing the ‘great resignation’?


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