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The power of good metrics

D&I #datanalytics is a key pillar of a successful and sustainable D&I strategy. Qualitative and quantitative data helps identify and understand the key actions and measures for success and definitely supports the business case for #diversityandinclusion. This data also helps identify the pain points, as well as highlight those areas that are working well.

Companies want to understand their progress and communicate their successes better, both to their workforce and externally, and therefore data should serve more than setting t realistic and meaningful goals. What’s the purpose of setting goals when you don’t measure your achievements?

D&I Data analytics is important when it comes to a number of areas, including:

➡️ #leadership : accountability and commitment to D&I strategy

➡️ Talent Impact: impact on key HR areas

➡️ Performance Impact: impact on competitiveness, customer understanding, innovation, sales & profitability

➡️ D&I policies: predicted level of #employeeengagement across key policies

The risk of not collecting D&I data is that we end up guessing on D&I analytics. A true dangerous game to play, since wrong conclusions could be drawn. Would you do that with P&L figures?


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