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Ticking boxes won't close the gender gap

Women remain dramatically underrepresented in #leadership roles: Just 8% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women, and less than 1% by women of color.

Although a lot of companies say they have adopted #genderequality and #womensempowermentpolicies, it often remains a box-ticking exercise instead of being fully embedded in the company’s culture. It is also true that a number of barriers are holding women back at every stage of their employment. These barriers can be shattered by a structural action plan.

Harvard Business Review recently published an article ( describing common forms of #genderdiscrimination in seven key areas of #talentmanagement:

➡️ Attracting candidates

➡️ Hiring employees

➡️ Integrating newcomers

➡️ Developing employees

➡️ Assessing performance

➡️ Managing compensation and promotion

➡️ Retaining employees

Some examples of actions to be taken to overcome barriers:

➡️ Educate managers about gender bias

➡️ Avoid gendered language in job postings

➡️ Implement objective criteria for career development opportunities

➡️ Track retention by gender

How can companies move from a box-ticking exercise towards a fully engaged workforce? Any success stories to share?


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