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Why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Drives Innovation

The coming together of people of #diverse ages, gender, ethnicities, cultures and abilities has always produced #disruption and #innovation.

Think of the music we love: jazz, rock’n’roll, hip-hop - to mention just three - all developed as a result of blending different cultural influences.

If we look at successful cities such as London, Dubai, New York, Singapore, these are melting pots with a high proportion of immigrants that bring their unique contributions. The same is true for business.

Workforce #diversity brings different perspectives, ideas and experiences, creating more resilient and effective organisations that outperform their less diverse peers. However, diversity on its own is not enough. It needs the support of an #InclusiveCulture, where everyone feels valued, respected, accepted and supported, allowing the diversity of thought to bubble to the top without recrimination.

Innovation is the foundation of a resilient, successful business...therefore, DE&I is essential to drive continued innovation.

With such overwhelming evidence, what do you think is stopping the adoption of DE&I?


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