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Will the real leader please stand up?

Leaders are at the backbone of every organisation and can be considered some of the heroes of modern business, with a few corporate wrongdoers as an exception. Leaders are not simply individuals who make decisions. A real leader is one who can effectively communicate and lead others. This means they are able to motivate and energize others to achieve common goals, and inspire followers to work hard for the greater good of the organisation.

For leaders to change companies and produce sustainable results, they need to build and nurture a #workplaceculture characterized by inclusiveness. A culture where everyone - at all levels - held accountable for treating all with respect (colleagues, suppliers, partners etc). This standard must apply to everyone and actually starts with leadership. #leadership is a skill that is hard to learn and takes a lifetime to master.

Leadership styles are important for organisations. They can determine how employees feel about their job, what they do on the job, and how much work is done. Leadership styles can be categorized primarily into two types: autocratic and democratic.

Autocratic or authoritarian leadership is characterized by:

➡️ A directive style, where leaders give orders and expect employees to follow them

➡️ Leaders who are often motivated by power, wealth, or both

➡️ Leaders who may not be too concerned with the well-being of others

This style often has a negative impact on #employeeengagement because it creates an environment of fear and control.

Democratic leadership is defined as:

➡️ Many people participating and contributing to decision-making

➡️ Having a focus on making decisions that will benefit the whole group

➡️ Leaders being more supportive and nurturing

It should come as no surprise, that a democratic leadership style fits better with an inclusive culture. A good leader can inspire everyone in an organisation to achieve their very best.

What makes a true leader? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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