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Women on the Board DO Make a Difference

Research shows that men and women often act differently in business - especially in the boardroom.

With important decisions, female members in the boardroom help temper the overconfidence of male executives, providing greater #diversity of viewpoints.

Female Execs tend to hold less conformist views, being independent of the ‘old-boy’ networks with their potentially biased beliefs. They challenge male CEOs to consider alternative options, resulting in better #MergerAndAcquisition decisions, less aggressive risk-taking, thereby benefiting shareholders.

Companies with the highest share of female executives achieve 41% better return-on-equity and 56% better operating results.

Even the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, Warren Buffett is getting behind this. In his 43rd annual letter to shareholders in February 2020, he supported #WomensEmpowerment on the board.

So...let’s demand more women on boards and let them make a #difference.

What examples have you seen of women making a positive impact in the boardroom?


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