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Wouldn't it be great if we were all the same?

No..not at all! Where is the fun in relating to people who are exactly like you? On a more serious and topical note….. how easily could a disease wipe us all out?

Let’s talk about the business impact of a non-diverse workforce. #Groupthink might feel comfortable and safer, but results in one dimensional ideas, similar views, and limited conversation. We need new ideas, points of view and experiences to inspire us, to spark our creativity. The importance of workplace diversity is the ability for a company to have all types of talent and perspectives at their disposal. When all views and ideas are shared, amazing things can happen!

The World Economic Forum asked a number of entrepreneurs from their Technology Pioneers why they believe diversity is so crucial in organisations:

Some of their views, enriched with a few others:

➡️ Diversity leads to creativity and resilience. With a multitude of different perspectives and backgrounds, everyone is able to offer something unique that would have never been seen otherwise. However, if not implemented carefully, an organisation could suffer from conflicts and uneasiness.

➡️ Through diversity, path-breaking and unconventional solutions can be found. This applies to all organisational levels. The most profitable companies are finding that diverse #leadership teams provide a powerful competitive advantage, by hiring executives and managers from underrepresented groups and outside their own networks.

➡️ A diverse workforce can help companies become more customer-centric by better understanding their different needs and behaviors. They are able to improve internal processes, and deliver more effective products or services, thereby improving business.

It is important to recognise that diversity is key to business survival, but it is also absolutely indispensable to our ability to thrive. So, if this is the case... why do so many businesses still struggle to diversify their workforce?

Does your organisation need support in their journey towards diversity, equity and inclusion? We can guide you! Reach out via: or connect with Paula Newby or Kirsten Westholter.


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