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Predixa Dynamix is built using Microsoft's Power Platform (Power BI; Power Apps; Power Automate) and our powerful Ai Engine - AiVA - and uses the scalability of Microsoft's Azure Cloud services to provide rapid, practical insights for business improvement.


Predixa Dynamix offers continuous improvement through predictive analysis using Ai, that reaches deeper and wider, offering more insight and accuracy than any traditional method. 


Input from ALL parts and layers of the organisation, encouraging employee buy-in to change programs.

'Soft' Aspects

Crucial inclusion of culture, leadership, communication etc. for better successful outcomes of change programs.

Rapid Analysis

Results available immediately all data has been gathered using our powerful Ai Engine - AiVA 


Predicts likely areas requiring improvement without human bias


Helps suggest business challenges and initiatives to address priorities

Business Case

Highlights the focus upon hard business metrics e.g. Costs & ROI, to drive increased profitability

Measure Success

Monitor and measure the success of implemented improvement programs


Creates on-going benchmarks across 17 different aspects of the business 

Powered by AiVA

Our unique Ai Engine - AiVA - listens to responses and adjusts statements in real-time to predict the likely areas of business focus. 

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