Using decades of experience in organisational transformation - combined with AI technology - 

Predixa Dynamix helps our clients effectively adapt to change.

Rapid Analysis to Rapid Execution - Watch our Video below

The Traditional Approach

Traditional methods of identification of key issues typically involve an analysis phase followed by an execution phase.

Analysis can take many months, which may take too long for the organisation to be responsive to disruptive market forces.

Predixa Dynamix Approach

We take a different approach, using our Predixa Dynamix business applications.


We provide rapid on-going analysis, to pinpoint and recommend areas of the organisation that are potential for improvement.


We also recommend improvements be implemented within a 3-month window - quarterly sprints - on an ongoing, basis for organisations to stay agile, adaptable, efficient and effective in their market.

Benefits of using Predixa Dynamix

Rapid Analysis 
Takes View from Entire Business
Strips out Bias
Breakdown by Business Function
Ease of Interpretation of Issues
Drill-down into Key Issues
Highlights Most Important Next Steps
Focused Remediation Plan
Reduced Time to Implement Changes
Iterative Approach
Keeps your company adaptive and Agile
Cost Effective


Predixa Dynamix


Combine hard and soft data from internal and external sources to provide deep insights  

Our Predixa range of modules are shown in the diagram below  

Sample Clients

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