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Paula Newby

As CEO of Predixa, Paula Newby brings over 30 years of experience in Business Advisory and Strategic Transformation and has been instrumental in the development of its AI-based software, enabling organisations to rapidly become more effective and empowered. For all of her career,Paula has been passionate about Sustainable Business – i.e. organisations that make a profit whilst making positive changes to the environment and/or society.

Paula believes that diverse and inclusive cultures drive innovative thinking with tangible business benefits to the bottom line, resulting in people-centred change.


When relaxing, Paula enjoys cooking for family and friends as her creative escape after the pressure of the day, and singing soprano in her local choir.

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Kirsten Westholter
Strategic Consulting

Kirsten Westholter is a founder and Head of Strategic Consulting at Predixa with over 20 years of experience in Business Process Improvement, Project Management & Strategic Transformation. Kirsten is a true advocate for “thinking without a box” and includes Design Thinking principles in her approach.


Kirsten believes in innovative and disruptive technologies to make companies future-proof. Kirsten invests in long-lasting strategic relationships with customers as well as business partners, and embraces the successes for all parties as a result.


Kirsten's personal passion is writing poetry as a way to express herself and to deal with life events and changes.  As a result, Kirsten has co-authored a book of poems and has been asked on many occasions by local dignitaries to recite her poems at key events.

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Helen Pink
CEO Benelux

Helen is responsible as CEO of Benelux for Predixa. With over 30 years experience in the corporate world, across 3 continents, Helen offers extensive experience in understanding different cultures and dynamics across multiple and diverse organisations.


Helen has specific experience in employee retention, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, business transformation enabling companies to generate greater profitability despite economic adversity.


Running TEDxAmsterdam Women in the Netherlands, Helen donates her time back to the community to support and empower women. 


In addition, Helen is an amateur triathlete, open swimming in open water, cycling in the French Alps and has completed 4 marathons.

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Jordan Imran

Jordan's experience from working with leading-edge technologies and his management of technology teams has been key in the architecture and development of Predixa's advanced diagnostic applications, .Jordan is passionate about using innovative technologies to help solve business challenges and has applied both human and artificial intelligence in the development of Predixa's advanced AI-driven diagnostics that support the company's range of services .  Most recently, Jordan has been involved in blockchain applications as part of Predixa's R&D for future services.


For relaxation, Jordan enjoys cross-fit on a regular basis and, when the weather is cooler, to laze on the beach with friends, watching the beautiful sunset!

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Lori Figueiredo
Change & Enablement Strategist

Lori has over 30 years of experience in organizational psychology and change - aligning people, purpose and performance.  Her strategies are scalable and sustainable with measurable and strategic impact.  Lori has a proven track record partnering with governments, corporates and NGOs.

She combines the best in human psychology with the latest in digital technology using her SYZYGY® methodology.  To accelerate human and organizational change, her interest is in leveraging the power of human intelligence with web2 and web3 solutions powered by AI and the blockchain as enablers.

Lori is based between Dubai, London, South Africa with a focus on the MENA region and enjoys travelling to explore the local food, nature, culture, way of life and traditions.

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Zag  Asghar DSC01513-1_edited_edited.jpg

Zag Asghar
Managing Partner

Zag brings over 30 years of experience in strategic change and business transformation across a wide range of industry sectors.  His background in advisory services, combined wit technology has been key in formulating AI-driven diagnostic that support Predixa's services. Zag is driven by innovations that truly help Predixa's clients and consulting partners to make a difference in their organisations.  


Zag’s passion is to help organisations achieve a level of social and financial excellence whereby employees at all levels are heard, engaged and valued, whilst at the same time, benefiting from more innovation and a stronger competitive position as a result.


At weekends, Zag can be found cycling n the desert for hours, while at the same time, devouring audible books - his form of meditation! 

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Taryn Bio Photo_edited.jpg

Taryn Ash
Human Capability & Transformation Strategist

Taryn Ash has had a 25-year career in learning and development, change management, coaching, and organizational transformation. During this time, she has assisted over 50 multinational companies and government entities worldwide in achieving sustainability.  Taryn's journey began as a lecturer specializing in intercultural and interpersonal communication and then transitioned into consulting. She has also led and developed training teams and operated her own global talent development consultancy across Singapore, China, and the UAE.

Her contributions include designing and implementing award-winning upskilling programs at local, regional, and global levels for government and corporate clients. Taryn has also played a pivotal role in crafting diversity and inclusion policies, company-wide mentoring strategies, and global sales and customer experience initiatives.

Taryn is a seasoned speaker at regional and international conferences, sharing insights on leadership, self-management, and national-level talent development initiatives. Her work has taken her across the world.

Taryn's academic journey includes formal business studies in Canada, Japan, China, and Singapore, culminating in an MBA from the University of Nottingham in the UK. Originally from Canada, she now resides between Dubai and France.

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Our Company

Predixa is an award-winning Consulting & Advisory Company, providing our clients with exceptional solutions to solve their business needs, underpinned by our powerful AI-based diagnostics.

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Our Purpose

We are passionate to help businesses create greater value in their organisations from social and financial change that benefits the economy and society.

Our team's heritage in strategic business transformation, change management and DE&I with cross-industry experience has allowed us to tackle the strategic issues facing our clients with propositions that are designed to meet the conditions that they face in the current climate.

Having experienced the ever-changing internal and external forces that affect every organisation at an even greater pace than ever before, we set ourselves a mission - to innovate the way advisory/consulting services are delivered for clients seeking a sustainable business growth strategy that would create a positive impact financially and socially.  

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Our Approach

Rapid Analysis to Rapid Execution

Our approach and advanced AI-based diagnostics overcome the issue of traditional consulting and advisory methods, bringing depth and breadth of analysis from qualitative and quantitative data. 


Clients who use our services have benefited enormously in achieving 'Rapid analysis to Rapid Execution' with an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy delivered at a speed that would not be possible using conventional consulting methods.

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