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'The D&I train is already leaving the Station...'

Interview by Microsoft
with Paula Newby, CEO, Predixa

Microsoft discusses the current status and trends of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and how business leaders are dealing with the need to embed DEI into the fabric of their organisation for the benefit of their people as well as their company.


More is not always better

As humans, we are often conditioned to think that more means better. Actually, more is not necessarily better – even when you are talking...

How To Smash The Glass Ceiling

Many reports speak of the woeful under-representation of women in management globally, yet even when opportunities are made available, so...

The power of good metrics

D&I #datanalytics is a key pillar of a successful and sustainable D&I strategy. Qualitative and quantitative data helps identify and...

Great minds don't think alike

We all know the expression “Great minds think alike”. Actually, they don’t! Let me explain why I disagree and I will do that in light of...

Want to Close the Gender Gap?

In the recent report from the World Economic Forum on the Global Gender Gap, the depressing news is that the pandemic has extended the...