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Talent Acquisition & Retention

Navigating the current labour market Effectively

At the current pace and projected pace of hiring, resigning, and job creation, and even with a challenging economic outlook, organisations are still going to be looking to fill roles. 
At Predixa we provide prioritised recommendations aligned to your key challenges impacting both talent acquisition and talent retention, based on our advanced AI-driven diagnostics, in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.


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Attract & Keep your Best Talent

The constant process of hiring, onboarding and resigning is resource-draining and expensive. At Predixa we help identify root causes of discontent, and recommend cultural, reputational and resource improvements to attract and keep your best talent. Organisations are using Predixa's approach to gain rapid insight into where continuous improvement and potential cost savings can be achieved and maintained.. 

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Attract & Retain Talent

Since the pandemic hit, many employees are re-evaluating what they want from their job. They want more flexible work arrangements, more focus on their health and wellbeing, and more meaningful work.  Companies need a new way of looking at their workforce in order to attract new talent. We provide business leaders with the insights to address these challenges, enabling them to develop and execute a strategic path forward.

Cost Reduction

The war on talent can be a very costly one. By identifying the root causes of discontent linked to our prioritised recommendations for improvements to various aspects of the business, we help business leaders manage changes in their talent acquisition and retention strategies to boost productivity, improve their company culture and reduce labour costs.

Company Culture

Without the foundations of a solid culture where employees feel valued, companies will have difficulties to hire new employees and stop the bleeding. . At Predixa, we examine in depth the current state of your culture, highlighting the positives and identifying the issues so business leaders can manage changes to attract and retain key talent.

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