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Our Technology

Powerful AI-Based Diagnostics Supporting our Advisory Services

We built our advanced AI-based Diagnostics (Predixa Dynamix), from the ground up, including our Artificial Intelligence (AiVA) as a key element of our state-of-the-art technology that supports our advisory services. With the large volumes of data needed to be gathered for global companies, our advanced diagnostics are designed to be enterprise-ready, scalable and robust to meet such demands. 

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Predixa's AI

Our artificial intelligence engine, AiVA, architected and built by our Predixa team, powers our Predixa Dynamix diagnostic applications to support our Consulting and Advisory services.

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Our advance diagnostics use internal and external data (qualitative & quantitative) to enable forward and backward looking data to be analysed and issues predicted. The sheer number of touchpoints correlated would be near-impossible to achieve using conventional methods of collection and analysis.

Industry Support

Our consulting and advisory services, underpinned by our diagnostic technology innovations using Artificial Intelligence has attracted invaluable support from MBRIF, Dubai Future Foundation and Microsoft. 

With this level of unprecedented support, Predixa's diagnostic applications have been able to meet enterprise standards of scalability, security and functionality, giving us a clear consulting and advisory services differentiator from our competitors and huge value to our clients.

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Predixa has a unique position of support from MBRIF, Dubai Future Foundation, and Microsoft.

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