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We built Predixa Dynamix from the ground up with Artificial Intelligence (AiVA) as a key element of our state-of-the-art technology.  We also had in mind that for many organisations, it was not just about the technology - it was about taking advantage of the technology and professional advisory expertise to deliver a world-class service that performed better, faster and more accurately to generate business value.

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Rapid Analysis to Rapid Execution



Our artificial intelligence engine, AiVA, powers our application and allows our surveys to be more interactive and dynamic in real-time.

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Instead of asking the same questions to all people in the organisation, or manually coding complicated skip logic into surveys, AiVA identifies the most likely areas of issue from within your organisation, based on the responses of your staff.

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AiVA monitors the responses in real-time, and adjusts each batch of statements to forensically examine likely areas of issue as the assignment progresses.

This powerful means of assessment is more akin to a digital consultative interview.

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With this approach, we are able to penetrate deep and wide into any organisation in a fraction of the time of traditional means and with less disruption.  The insights are even more powerful, giving a richness of data that was previously difficult to gather and analyse.


Features  & Benefits

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Focus on the issues that matter to your business as AiVA dynamically adjusts areas of focus to your issues

No Time Wasting

AiVA is capable of intelligently presenting statements to people within your organisation who are qualified to answer. This saves time, effort and quality of data collected.

Rapid Analysis to Execution

We gather, analyse and present the data for you in typically 2 - 3 weeks, delivering a tailored execution plan to take you from analysis to action.

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Reduced Fatigue

Using AI to make our surveys dynamic mean we can significantly reduce the amount of data needed from each respondent, leading to less time spend and less survey fatigue.

Real Time Dashboards

Rich, interactive reports allow you to drill down and understand exactly where issues lie in your organisation


Benchmark your organisation with meaningful data points, that can be used to measure progress at regular intervals

Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Either use one of our off the shelf modules to get started quickly, or let us know if you require customisations to fit your particular needs.


Personal bias and pre-conceived assumptions can severely affect outcomes.  Our AI-driven software minimises the risk of conscious or unconscious bias, leading to the accuracy of the results and decisions.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident about our service and technology that we guarantee that if you are not delighted by the insights and quality of our deliverables, we will refund 100% of your payment.


Credentials and Accolades

Our technology with our innovations using Artificial Intelligence has attracted the likes of Ai Venture Labs, Dubai Future Foundation and Microsoft to both partner and support us as an organisation and enable Predixa Dynamix to meet enterprise standards of scalability, security and functionality for employee engagement assessments and organisational improvement

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