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Revolutionising Company Transformation

with Predixa Dynamix CTX

Equipped with Predixa Dynamix DEI diagnostics, our consulting partners are able to reach deep and wide within their client's organisation to gather data quickly and effectively. 

The depth of analysis from the data collected covers a wide organisational range.

Powerful Deep & Wide Analysis of  17 Categories & 78 Sub-Categories

Strategic Transformation for Business Leaders

Predixa Dynamix CTX

Transformational Change

The market dynamics are evolving at such a rate that the traditional annual strategic reviews are unfit for purpose.  Business leaders recognise the need to be increasing the frequency of measuring their business pulse and adapting to change.  The forces for change are not just external, they also include potentially powerful internal factors - such as workforce management and talent management, accentuated by the pandemic.

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Empowering Consultants

We developed our Predixa Dynamix CTX diagnostics to empower our consulting partners to perform rapid analysis of their clients' current business status quickly and effectively to determine which issues of priority to tackle. Our short, sharp incremental approach using our AI-based technology is far more effective than typically huge transformational change programs.

Business Meeting

We know that the job of creating a business strategy, identifying key initiatives, implementing and measuring success appears is not an easy process, but making each step happen is even harder!

Whether your client is revisiting their existing strategy or looking for better ways to get results and measure successes, we can help you to provide even more value to your client using Predixa Dynamix CTX.

Our cutting-edge application using AI technology offers in-depth diagnostics and analysis to ensure that your clients get the best possible quality and efficiency of services that would otherwise be difficult, lengthy and less comprehensive if conventional methods were used.

What Predixa Dynamix CTX Delivers

Predixa Dynamix CTX offers more comprehensive data gathering and data analysis faster, more efficiently and more accurately than any other conventional method,

The following are examples of reports from data gathered by Predixa Dynamix CTX.

Helicopter View

After data is collected across the organisation, the first thing that our consulting partners look at is the 'helicopter view' of the data analysis.  This shows, at a glance, the key headlines associated with the company, the main issues and key metrics.

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Results Explorer

The helicopter view raises the questions and our Results Explorer allows our consulting partners to drill down into the details to forensically analyse the data and begin their process of pinpointing possible root causes and contributory factors to the key issues identified by Predixa Dynamix CTX.

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Risk Explorer

One of the most important aspects of the analysis process is to identify specific risks to the organisation from its current status.  The risk categories include brand reputation, systems, financial, process, organisational and staff retention.

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Happiness Explorer

Many companies (and governments) are focussing on the happiness of staff as an ongoing measure.  Predixa CTX captures data associated with the conditions that make people within the organisation happy from an internal perspective as well as examining which external touchpoints or factors affect their happiness.

Happiness Explorer.png

Teams Explorer

Our Teams Explorer examines the data collated for teams within the organisation and measures strengths and weaknesses based on the inputs.  This data, in particular, may identify in more detail the reasons for certain conditions occurring, such as lower revenues, efficiencies or innovation and competitiveness.

Teams Explorer.png

Geographic Explorer

Our Geographic Explorer provides the granular details of the data segmented by locations.  This identifies issues that are localised and any remedial plan can be tailored specifically for each region. This ensures regional nuances are carefully considered when applying global changes.


Company Categories Benchmarks

Each time that Predixa Dynamix CTX is deployed, a benchmark, or snapshot of the organisation is created.  This is a valuable means of measuring the impact of remedial actions from one benchmark to another and the Return on Investment (ROI) achieved. Because of the consistent method of data capture by Predixa Dynamix CTX, these internal benchmarks, are far more meaningful and powerful than any reference to external benchmarks comparisons.

Benchmark - Company.png

Workforce Management Benchmarks

Data associated with workforce management (WFM) is analysed in detail in our Risk Explorer.  However, given the importance of WFM in the pandemic era, our application also analyses key risks that would impact WFM and a snapshot of the benchmark at each period is taken to monitor the risk conditions across 5 categories.

Benchmark WFM.png

Risk Benchmarks

Our risk benchmarks are a snapshot of 7 categories and allow periodic changes to be visibly displayed.  Risk can be eliminated, reduced or introduced as a result of remedial actions when deciding which issues should be tackled as part of a programme of change.  Review of risk indicators and their impact is essential after each periodic transformation and Predixa Dynamix CTX provides the details.

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