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Diagnostics of DEI with a wide-angle Transformational Lens

Equipped with Predixa Dynamix DEI diagnostics, we are able to reach deep and wide within their client's organisation to gather data quickly and effectively. 

The depth of analysis from the data collected covers a wide DEI range, extending to:

5 Key Categories

37 Sub-categories

Paula Newby, CEO, Predixa
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  - Your Time is Now!

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We are experts in the field of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We know that the job of creating a business strategy, identifying key initiatives, implementing and measuring success appears at first glance to be an easy process, but making it happen is quite another!

Whether your client is just at the beginning of their journey in building a DE&I strategy or looking for better ways to get results and measure successes, we can help you to provide even more value to your client using Predixa Dynamix DEI.

Our cutting-edge AI diagnostics and analysis ensure that our clients get the best possible quality and efficiency of services that would otherwise be difficult, lengthy and less comprehensive if conventional methods were used.

Transformational Change from DE&I

The market dynamics for DE&I are evolving at such a rate that the traditional annual strategic reviews are unfit for purpose.  Business leaders recognise the need to be increasing the frequency of measuring their business pulse and adapting to change.  The forces for change are not just external, they also include potentially powerful internal factors - such as workforce management and talent management, accentuated by the pandemic.

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What Predixa Dynamix DEI Delivers

Predixa Dynamix DEI offers more comprehensive data gathering and analysis than any other conventional method

The following are examples of reports from data gathered by Predixa Dynamix DEI.

DEI Index & Summary

Recent societal events such as the #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movement, combined with the combined voices of Millennials and Gen Zs clamouring for change has led to DEI becoming a top priority. Our DEI module allows organisations to both understand how they can achieve their targets, and share verifiable internal benchmarks and progress with key stakeholders.

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Inclusive Culture

Describing a culture is difficult - measuring it more so. However, based on years of practical experience, we believe that a successful DEI implementation starts with an inclusive culture. Where everyone can bring their 'whole self' to work: where they feel valued; respected; listened to without fear of discrimination. Our DEI module diagnoses where improvements can be made to develop a more lasting inclusive culture to support a diverse workforce.

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7 Women's Empowerment Principles

Established by UN Global Compact and UN Women, the 7 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) offer guidance to businesses on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace; marketplace; supply chain and community., being aligned to the 2030 agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  By joining the WEPs community, the organisation signals a commitment to this agenda at the highest level and our DEI Module provides ongoing visibility to multistakeholders.

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Gender Equality

Gender Equality is widely considered to be a fundamental human right, a moral obligation and an essential foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Businesses can support this topic by ensuring equality throughout the workplace; empowering women through technology and promoting women in leadership. Apart from measuring internal metrics, our DEI module provides verifiable evidence of gender equality progress to share with key stakeholders.

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As the globe moves from its dependence on fossil fuels, certain nations need to diversify away from oil revenues and distribute their sovereign funds by investing in the development of its citizens working in private sector firms, thereby adding to the intellectual capital of the country.  Much will rest with the private sector’s ability to not just adhere to the mandatory quotas, but to get the best out of the talent pool they can help develop. Success will depend upon the training, development and retention issues of a more diverse workforce; the inclusivity of the culture; the health and wellbeing of everyone; the ability for the organisation to successfully adapt and integrate these nationals to unlock their potential; enabling them to be a driving force of the nations next phase of economic development. To ensure an organisation is appropriately equipped for the next phase, our DEI module predicts the probability of issues in Nationalisation-related effectiveness and the impact of supporting policies.

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DEI Risk Management

With the spotlight shining so brightly on the issues surrounding DEI, organisations need to understand quickly the potential impact of not implementing DEI-related change. We provide insight into 5 key areas of risk: Staff retention; Internal brand & reputation; External brand & reputation; Operations and Financial to help prioritise decisions for maximum effect.

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Good intentions are all very well, but words and deeds need to be supported by a committed leadership demonstrating good governance, clear communication, prepared to be held accountable to multi-stakeholders. Our DEI module provides clear evidence of where the organisation's leadership can focus to gain more effective support.



DEI policies impact all areas of an organisation. This dashboard allows visibility of the levels of awareness and support of each policy from the workforce, in addition to the perceived impact on benefits, career development, the inclusivity of the culture and the business in general.


Impact Explorer

DEI is not just about achieving the numbers. Organisations need to understand the impact on such areas as Innovation Development, Talent Recruitment and Retention, Marketing, Reputation, and much more. Our DEI module provides rich insight across many aspects to drive informed decisions with confidence.


Geographic Explorer

No one size fits all, and for organisations with multiple offices across global regions, there will be nuanced and cultural differences that need to be understood and factored into solutions.


DEI Benchmarking

To really appreciate improvements over time, it is essential to have easy access to internal benchmarks for reporting to all interested parties and to help to calculate the ROI of DEI-related initiatives. We provide comparative benchmarks across all categories, risk and the 7 WEPs.


DEI Measurement

As an organisation, it is important to look at what is being measured that would impact DEI related performance.  The measurements include tracking of pay grades, innovation, completion and more.

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