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Getting Strategic Value from DE&I - Impacting Better Decisions

In recent research from the decision-making platform Cloverpop revealed the power and importance of #diversity in teams and how this impacted the number of times better #decisions are made, as follows:

  • All Male teams - make better decisions 58% of the time

  • Team average (control) - make better decisions 66% of the time

  • Gender Diverse teams - make better decisions 73% of the time

  • Gender and Age Diverse teams - make better decisions 80% of the time

  • Gender, Age and Culturally Diverse teams - make better decisions 87% of the time - which also deliver 60% better results.

With the World Bank predicting a risk of global #recession for 2023, those organisations incorporating the opinions of truly diverse thinking in their teams, will be better prepared for the challenges to come.

Have you experienced better decisions from a more diverse management team?

At @Predixa, we can help you optimise the diversity of your workforce to impact your top and bottom line. Contact us to find out more.


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