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Maintaining C-Suite Support as a DEI Leader

As we know, in this rapidly changing world - the one constant is change.

Apart from the ever-present quest for more sales and maintaining profitability, business priorities are constantly challenging, and require suitably speedy, yet reliable solutions.

Many of us know of the moral justification for pursuing DEI initiatives and we have the alarmingly widening gender gap, combined with increased pressure from stakeholders.

Yet DEI touches every part of the business and supply chain, so it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start, and which action will have the greatest impact.

A recent survey from HR Research in 2021 from 387 global HR Professionals, identified the top 3 challenges seen by DEI Leaders to increasing the benefit of DEI Initiatives in their organisations

  • 35% reported lacking access to DEI-relevant metrics

  • 34% reported difficulty understanding potential benefits

  • 33% reported struggling to maintain leadership support

These three are clearly interrelated.

If you don’t have the data, you can’t possibly understand how initiatives are impacting both the top and bottom line. In the fast-moving pace of business, despite previously declared leadership support, you might therefore be in danger of losing this, getting ‘trampled under foot’ in the race to prioritise the funding you need for training and other related activities, to achieve your strategic objectives.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you have access to meaningful data?

How do you manage to keep leadership support when all around you, priorities are changing?


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