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Over 50? So what!

It wasn’t that long ago that head-hunters included discrimination according to age when filtering their databases. Over 50? Too bad…. Out!

There has been a lot of talk about diversity in recent years, with it mostly being focused on gender diversity. More often than not, the terms are used synonymously. True diversity is so much more than gender diversity alone: it requires all dimensions of diversity, including #agediversity.

Human resources are essential for future success. Highly trained staff are becoming increasing choosy, so excluding entire groups from the equation is foolhardy. If companies want to make a change, they need to start acting instead of constantly moaning about the lack of age diversity without actually changing anything. Surprise, surprise….. that strategy won’t help companies be future ready.

Data also proves that it is simply not possible to cope with the youngsters alone. According to the World Economic Forum, 30 percent of the population in Japan today is already over 60 and by 2050 62 more countries will be dealing with ageism. According to its article "An ageing workforce isn't a burden. It's an opportunity", over 50s are the most committed cohort of employees across all generations.

A company with members from the entire age spectrum will not only appeal to a wider range of customers, but will also work with better cohesion. Teams in which older and younger, experienced colleagues and newcomers work together have more diversity of thought. Digital agility and understanding of new concepts, combined with experience, confidence and know-how can distinguish the winners from the losers.

When generations X,Y and Z join forces with the baby boomers, true magic can happen! Therefore it is also important to understand how the different generations in your organisation assess various aspects, like culture, communication, leadership and talent management.

At PREDIXA, we can deliver this insight and our consultancy partners can support you in your journey. Do you want to know more? Please reach out to Paula Newby or Kirsten Westholter.


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