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The great Resignation: Stop The Bleeding!

As we emerge - blinking into the sunlight - from the constraints of lockdown, the world of HR has been dominated by news of the ’Great Resignation’, whereby large numbers of employees have been re-evaluating their options and deciding whether or not to leave their employment and seek new opportunities.

Recent research from MIT highlights the 5 key reasons in order or importance, summarised as follows:

1. Toxic Culture - Linked to lack of adoption of the principles surrounding #Diversity, #Equity & #Inclusion, whereby people feel undervalued, disrespected and dissatisfied with unethical corporate behaviours.

2. Job Insecurity - Many companies have struggled during the pandemic and without suitable reassurance, employees will seek opportunities where they feel more secure. Additionally, this places greater pressure on those remaining, leading to burn-out, driving increased resignations.

3. Innovative Companies - With so many organisations needing to adjust and innovate to survive, workers have been required to learn fast, adopt new processes and technologies, with associated anxieties. Whilst this may be exciting at first, it is difficult to sustain such stress for long periods.

4. Failure to recognise achievements - Everyone wants to be recognised for going ‘above and beyond’, and a lack of acknowledgement of contribution, means the good people leave.

5. Pandemic response - If employees feel that the organisation’s Covid response did not sufficiently demonstrate a level of care for the wellbeing of the workforce, they will seek somewhere else that does.

All five of these issues could be diffused with transparency, communication and leadership accountability. Reassurance that people are valued; jobs are safe; needs are understood; achievements are recognised and employees’ health & wellbeing is respected, so that employees can make informed decisions about whether they want to stay.

To be transparent and communicate appropriate solutions, leadership first needs the data to know where and how to improve. At @PREDIXA, we can provide rapid insight as to the likely risk of employees leaving with understanding as to the probable cause.

So referencing the well-known Peter Drucker mantra, if ‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast’, perhaps transparency and accountability is the ‘Coffee’ keeping everyone alert and aware.

If you need to know the level of risk of your workforce joining the ‘Great Resignation’, contact either Kirsten Westholter or Paula Newby.


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