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A recipe for success.... Is your company getting it right?

Cultural diversity is the existence of distinctive cultures within an organisation or society. These cultures are formed by the beliefs, economic status, education level, nationality, sexual orientation and many more factors. It is important to embrace the differences that people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and genders bring.

Companies rely on diversity to take them far. We at Predixa do believe that diverse perspectives are vital to ensuring an organisation is successful. However, diversity in itself is not sufficient. In our opinion it takes more than having a diverse workforce to be a winner.

Yes, it is true that diversity can make a group stronger by offering perspectives and problem-solving skills that would be missed if everyone was alike. The truth is that it is not only diversity which is required…. an organisation needs to create and nurture a culture of inclusion in order to build a sustainable business.

Company culture is the "glue" of any organisation. But what happens when there is a disconnect between company culture and the work environment? Qualified employees leave the company, leading to high turnover rates. To avoid this, it is vital to create inclusive environments that provide a sense of trust, which encourages collaboration among employees.

A workplace culture that fosters collaboration is one of the most powerful forces for innovation and growth. But how do you actually create a collaborative culture? Organisations need to do more than just write a mission statement. They need to create a sense of community and should have open channels of communication.

A company's culture is what defines the company, that is why it is so important to get it right.

Is your company getting it right? What is your take on this topic? #diversityandinclusion #companyculture #innovation #successstrategy


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