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Age diversity beats the "ideal' age range

At the core of all successful organisations are people. Whether employees are working on a product, a service or driving the company's culture, they are invaluable. It is therefore important to have a diverse group of people with different areas of expertise and different perspectives. This can lead to increased #creativity and #innovation in products and services, as well as driving excellence in all areas.

For decades, organisations have used age as a metric for corporate success. They have been seeking the "ideal" age range for their employees. Surprise surprise… that is not the key to success. #agediversity is far more important to the cohesion of an organisation than age. A company with members from the entire age spectrum will not only appeal to a wider range of customers, but will also work better as a unity.

The issue of generational differences is an interesting topic that is worth exploring. Today's society has a mix of multiple generations living side by side, each with their own set of values and beliefs. These different views on the world can lead to conflict, but it can also lead to new ideas that we couldn't have imagined before.

Another proof that #designthinking is here to stay!

What's your view on this? Please share!

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